Star Trek Lives!

And now, for something completely different…

If at any time in your life you have enjoyed Star Trek: The Original Series, you have to go to the Star Trek Set Tour in Ticonderoga, NY

Star Trek Original Series Set Tour!

Cynthia and I took a foliage drive over that way yesterday (the colors were spectacular) and it was more fun than I have had in a long time.

The first thing we did was try to beam out of here. Cynthia made it. I got left behind. Figures.
Sick Bay was one of the most complex parts of the ship. Cynthia was hoping someone could look at her back, but the doctor was elsewhere:
Here I am sitting at Captain Kirk’s private table, writing on a Star Trek era tablet. 1966 or 2266?
Beaming off the ship didn’t work so I tried climbing. That didn’t work either.
This is one big ship, let me tell you. Crewman Deer and I weren’t paying attention and almost got sucked into the warp core. They need to get the safety grill in place asap.
A dream come true: we arrive on the bridge.
Space, The Final Frontier.
I can’t explain it. Sitting in the Captain’s chair, looking out the forward view screen into the vastness of space was a very emotional experience.
Captain Minke with Crewman Crockett (it takes all kinds to make a universe).
Checking out a space anomaly at Mr. Spock’s science station was pretty exciting as well.
Crewman Crockett, Captain Minke (in pocket), Admiral James Cawley and Crewman Deer. James Cawley is the mastermind behind this whole thing. He played Captain Kirk in the fan films he produced on these sets. He has done a marvelous thing here.
It was hard to leave the Enterprise bridge and the 20th or 23rd century, whichever it was. I admit I find the 21st century mostly pretty trying. But it is also a little hard to tell which era you are occupying in downtown Ticonderoga. That’s a good thing. It’s a perfect place to host the Star Trek Set Tour.
And back to the timeless beauty of the fall foliage.
 The wonders of Earth are many and varied!