Why Do I Love Whales?

The following gem is taken from an article written by Willy Jones in the Fall 2010 newsletter of the Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation. Willy is a ten-year-old junior naturalist aboard Newburyport Whale Watch‘s Prince of Whales.

Willy is not alone. Many of us have had exactly this same experience on our first meeting with a whale. I’ve written about it extensively, but never with his simple elegance. I have read eco-philosophers, and spiritual teachers, but Willy says all that needs to be said. We are each other.

Thank you, Willy.

Why Do I Love Whales
by Willy Jones

To me, whales are angels.
The first time I saw a whale, I got to look into its eye,
and I saw a sparkle.
Then I thought to myself, “Wow, this is really important.”

I remember exactly how I felt.
I held my breath, and everything around me just stopped.
The people talking, the noise of the boat, it all stopped.
It was just me and the whale looking at each other.

I felt like me and that whale were part of each other.
We were each other.
That connection has been there forever.
Whenever I see a whale, I remember that connection.

Have a blessed holiday season, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Why Do I Love Whales?”

  1. Willy, thank you!

    You and the whale connected. The whale became real to you and you became real to the whale. You both will never forget each other.

    That is a memory few have had the blessing to have experienced. Life discovering itself. It is very profound, it is very deep.

    Existence becomes real for you simply because a very sentient being has touched the innermost parts of you. Yes, you were touched by an angel (a rather large one at that), but angels come in many sizes and shapes. They also come in forms not always the forms we expect them to be seen in.

    So Willy, do not ever forget that moment. Use it to inspire others, use it to help keep the magnificent creatures alive for all time.

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